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Netflix Renewal Status: Season 3 of ‘Space Force’

Netflix Renewal Status: Season 3 of ‘Space Force’

Get ready to watch Season 3 of ‘Space Force’ presented by Netflix. However, Space Force is the foremost choice of comedy genre viewers on Netflix. To date the most loved comedy show with Steve Carrell. The directors decided to cast Steve Carrell for his second Season.

This month, Season 2 of Space Force came on floors on February 18, 2022. However, Space Force began their series in May 2020 though the series received a renewal in November 2020. 

Netflix Renewal Status: Season 3 of ‘Space Force’

Will Netflix Renew Space Force Season 3? 

As per formal Netflix renewal status, Season 3 did not receive renewal. Though we are predicting that Season 3 will come. As there are 50-50 chances of receiving renewal. 

However, as the month of February comes to an end there is no news of renewal. For instance, the official notification regarding Renewal from Netflix comes after one or two months of the prior season. 

The decision regarding season 3 will be based on the Season 2 finale. 

Reasons To Cancel Renewal Of Season 3: 

The renewal for Season 3 seems to be at stack because of the way season 2 received its renewal and especially how the budget for Space Force got a cut and change in the location for filming. 

The location of filming changed from Los Angeles to Vancouver for the Season 2 of Space Force. The location for production was changed to save financial resources. Also, changes were made in the writer’s room. However, Season 1 offered 10 episodes whereas Season 2 offers 7 episodes. 

However, changes made in the budget may raise a question that Season 1 didn’t reach up to expectations. Despite everything here, they give the show a second chance to gain a good amount of audience. 

Though, Season 3 depends on the number of viewers gained by Season 2. 

However, Many actors from season 2 seem to be part of the family for future Season 3 as well. Indeed, Season 2 concludes with a thriller in the form of a huge asteroid speed towards the Earth. 

So, Are you waiting for Season 3 of Space Force?

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