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Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: About, Football & Acting Career, Real Estate

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: About, Football & Acting Career, Real Estate

Terry Bradshaw is a former American professional football player and TV analyst with a net worth of $45 million. During his stint as a Steelers’ quarterback, he earned four Super Bowl titles due to his remarkable arm strength, impressive leadership abilities, and the ability to make himself present for important games. 

After retirement from playing professional football, Bradley became one of the most celebrated analysts in sports history. He appeared on multiple television shows. Additionally, away from the pitch he has found success in acting appearing in box office hits such as “Failure To Launch”.

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth

As of 2023, Terry Bradshaw’s fortune is estimated to be around $45 million USD. His lucrative 14-year tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as his appearances in television and film plus endorsements have contributed immensely to this impressive total.

NameTerry Bradshaw
ProfessionAmerican Former Professional Football Player
Television Sports Analyst Co-Host of Fox NFL Sunday
Terry Bradshaw Net Worth $45 million USD
Salary (monthly)Not Known
Salary (yearly)$5 million +
Last UpdatedMarch 2023

Terry Bradshaw Real Estate Properties

When Terry retired from the NFL, he decided to invest in real estate. This proved to be a wise decision as his portfolio of properties around Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico was worth an impressive $13 million leading up to 2008. 

Out of instinct, Bradshaw began to sell his properties and consequently suffered a $900,000 loss from the sales. Had he delayed this decision by only a few months, he would have experienced losses ten times higher and potentially gone bankrupt. His financial advisor would eventually remark that losing $900k was the most astute investment choice he ever made.

In 2016, Terry earned $2.7 million when he sold off his luxurious 12-acre estate in Hawaii.

In 2014, Bradshaw listed his sprawling 744-acre ranch in Oklahoma for an impressive $10.8 million. He removed and re-listed it at various points between $10 to $12 million over the years. But in September 2022 he’s hoped for a higher return as he listed this stunning property at a whopping $22.5 million.

In 2019, Bradshaw revealed his plan to sell an opulent 4,560-square-foot property located in Jacksonville for $1.6 million.

In 2020, Bradshaw sold a lavish estate in the elite, private, and gated community of Bradenton renowned for its golf courses for a whopping $1.4 million.

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Flipping Planes

Bradshaw has revealed during an interview that he earns money through the practice of “flipping planes”, similar to flipping homes. He said that at times, he invests up to $4 or $5 million into an aircraft and utilizes it for business before finally selling it off for a profit.

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: About, Football & Acting Career, Real Estate

Terry Bradshaw Early Life

Bradshaw was Born in Shreveport, Louisiana on September 2nd, 1948. Paxton “Terry” Bradshaw was the son of a US Navy veteran. His parents raised Terry along with his two brothers. From an early age, he set himself to become a professional football player one day. After showing potential at the high school level, Terry set off for further education at Louisiana Tech University.

Despite being relegated to the bench for his first two seasons, Bradshaw finally got his chance when Phil “Roxie” Robertson left football in order to found the Duck Commander company. As most people know now, this led to Robertson’s star-making turn as a reality TV personality on A&E’s hit series ‘Duck Dynasty.’

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Terry Bradshaw Football Career

After gaining success for his feats at Louisiana Tech, the Pittsburgh Steelers chose Bradshaw during the 1970 NFL Draft. With dedication and determination, he soon transitioned to professional football and was appointed as the starting quarterback in only his second season. Under Terry’s leadership, The Steelers won eight AFC Central championships and four Super Bowl titles. In 1972, “The Immaculate Reception” pass against Oakland Raiders established him as an iconic figure in NFL history.

In 1978, Terry Bradshaw earned the much-coveted title of Most Valuable Player. However, a decade later, his dexterity and strength had severely declined due to a lingering elbow injury that necessitated an injection of cortisone prior to each game. In 1983 Terry did undergo the on this damaged arm to restore it back to working condition. Unfortunately at the time of throwing his final pass before retiring from football, he felt something ‘pop’ within his arm. This evidently signaled the end of such an illustrious career thereafter.

Terry Bradshaw Acting Career

Even prior to the close of his football career, Bradshaw had already been growing into an accomplished actor. He often appeared in TV commercials while he was still playing. He even starred in a memorable shingles treatment advertisement. Nowadays, he is probably best known for being featured in Tide detergent ads.

Terry Bradshaw had an impressive career in television. He had a small role in “Malcolm in the Middle” and made cameo appearances on shows such as “Brotherly Love,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and more. He even hosted his own series, named “Home Team with Terry Bradshaw”. Unfortunately, it was canceled shortly after airing. However, he continued appearing regularly in television commercials.

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