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The Chosen One Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed it or Cancelled It? All Details

The Chosen One Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed it or Cancelled It? All Details
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Netflix’s highly anticipated release, The Chosen One, delighted fantasy fans with its thrilling stories. However, the burning question remains: Will Netflix renew the Spanish series for its second season? Although there is no official statement yet, there is a reason to be hopeful.

The Chosen One joined Netflix’s impressive line-up of popular Spanish anthology series including others. The series aimed to showcase a fantasy story with talented directors and actors known for their contributions to the genre.

The first season of the show premiered in the mid of August 2023. Since its debut, The Chosen One has gained significant attention and acclaim, securing one of Netflix’s popular series positions.

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Has Netflix Renewed The Chosen One?

As of the latest update in August 2023, Netflix has not renewed The Chosen One for a second season. The lack of news suggests that the project may be on hold while Everardo Gout focuses on other projects. However, there is no definitive information about the renewal of The Chosen One. Meanwhile, it is too early to demand a renewal of an anticipated series 

One possible reason for the delay is Everardo Gout’s involvement in multiple other projects with Netflix. 

Meanwhile, developed by Everado and Leopoldo Gout, and Jorge Dorantes, the series features Bobby Luhnow, Dianna Agron, Lilith Amelie Siordia Mejia, Juan Fernando González Anguamea, Jorge Javier Arballo, Alberto Pérez-Jácome Kenna, Patricio Serna Meza, Carlos Bardem, Alfonso Dosal, Sofía Sisniega, Eileen Yáñez, and Tenoch Huerta.

With our analysis, the chances of the series getting renewed are good. The Chosen One has received critical acclaim and has been praised by the media, which suggests that it is popular with the viewers. Additionally, Everardo Gout is a highly respected filmmaker, which could give the series a boost in the renewal process.

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