Tom Cruise Still Sends Birthday Gifts To Dakota Fanning Every Year

Tom Cruise Still Sends Birthday Gifts To Dakota Fanning Every Year

The 30-year-old American actress Dakota Fanning recently interviewed with Harper’s Bazaar. She was joined by her Ripley co-star, Andrew Scott. During the conversation, she shared that she got her first mobile phone from Tom Cruise.

She confirmed this after Andrew Scott answered correctly,

Who gave Dakota her first cell phone?

He said,

Okay, well it’s going to be some Hollywood icon … Tom Cruise?

In response, Fanning shared that the Hollywood icon gave her a Motorola Razr as a gift on her 11th birthday. She played his daughter in the 2005 blockbuster film War of the Worlds.

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When Scott asked if she was excited after receiving the gift, she said,

Oh, my God, I was so excited.

The Twilight actress added that even though she loved the gift, there was not much she could do with it then. She

didn’t have anybody to call or text at that time.

She highlighted the reason why the present was not useful to her:

You know, I was 11.

But I loved having it. I loved it. I felt so cool,

she expressed.

Also, the actress, who turned 30 in February this year, said that the mobile was not the last time Tom Cruise gifted her anything. She shared that the Mission: Impossible actor still sends her birthday gifts every year.

Fanning said,

Tom sends me a birthday gift every year, and has since that birthday.

In response, Scott jokingly commented,

So thoughtful. Really, really nice. He’s never given me anything.

Nonetheless, Cruise does not count as the only Hollywood star who has gifted something to Dakota. Since she entered Hollywood at a very young age, she has interacted with many industry legends.

Dakota and Andrew recently appeared in Elle magazine’s “Ask Me Anything” video series. Dakota shared that in 2005, when she co-starred with Kurt Russell in the movie Dreamer, he gave her the best wrap gift.

Video by Elle

Kurt Russell gave me a horse,

she recalled.

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