Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Shares “Rom-Com” Moment on Eras Tour show

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Shares “Rom-Com” Moment on Eras Tour show

The Kansas City Chief Star, Travis Kelce, made a guest appearance at his girlfriend, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Amsterdam. The appearance, which went viral on social media, received fans’ comments appreciating the couple and mentioning the appearance as a “fairytale romance.”

The Grammy Award winner, from the sidelines of the Johan Crujiff Arena, surprisingly emerged from the backstage, giving a treat to their fans. And while the surprise did not end there, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift interacted and even waved goodbye to the audience.

In a romantic move, Taylor Swift placed her hands on Kelce’s waist, slowly guiding him to the stage. The moment turned into a rom-com moment when Travis placed his hand around Taylor’s neck and planted a kiss on her forehead. In the concert, Taylor donned a sparkly blue short dress while Travis wore a cool and casual graphic shirt.

In the recent Taylor’s musical event, Kelce has been running back and forth to keep up with his girlfriend. On Sunday, while the Kansas City Chief Star barely had time, he rushed to get a flight and managed to surprise Taylor in her third show at Aviva Studio, Dublin.

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Additionally, Travis Kelce and Taylor had another romantic moment when although Taylor had a fan-packed show at Wembley Stadium from June 21-23, they managed to spend time with each other.

On a recent podcast, Travis Kelce gushed about his surprise appearance in one of Taylor’s performances and admitted he appeared there with three professionals. He revealed about the same in the show, “I was up there with three professionals. You can do no wrong with Taylor on stage. [I kept telling myself], ‘Do not drop the baby. Hold onto the baby,'”

Nevertheless, the New Heights podcast, hosted by Travis and Jason Kelce, has announced a hiatus, after wrapping up its second season.

We’ve enjoyed a nice couple of months off from podcasting because, I guess, in three weeks, Travis will be in the middle of training camp. And let me tell you, there’s just not enough time to do a podcast, especially the best podcast in the world,” said Jason.

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