Twitter Rolls Back Another Terrible Update: Isn’t Showing Tweets Unless You Are Logged In

Twitter Rolls Back Another Terrible Update: Isn’t Showing Tweets Unless You Are Logged In
Photo by Sanket Mishra

In record time, Twitter rolled back a feature that would force you to log in to view a Tweet. 

Until April, users who were logged out could still view tweets and user profiles. But now, Twitter had made it necessary for every user to either create an account or verify their login credentials to scroll what new Tweets there are from their brands and friends, myself included. The problem was initially reported by the Verge and later, it has been Cross-verified by Engadget across many browsers, phones, and other gadgets.

One of the initial steps taken by Musk after he joined Twitter as its CEO was to fire most of its communication staff. As a result, Twitter couldn’t disclose whether it was a technical error or done purposefully. However, since April, users who weren’t logged in or had a Twitter account have been unable to utilize the search feature. Musk has either annoyed the users or forced users to log in.

It’s confusing whether such changes and updates will snatch Google’s ability to show tweets in its search results. Meanwhile, this can also become a barrier for networks like Twitter which is used to obtain data from public-facing platforms.

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It’s a lousy feature rolled by Twitter that didn’t go well with the users. While some netizens praised Twitter’s designers, many were annoyed with the selfish quality enrolled by Twitter. Guess this feature was purposefully designed to irritate users for a short time. Features like this hinder the experience of users and guess many users used to view the tweets without logging in.

Meanwhile, Twitter reportedly enrolled in this feature after he found that Americans are spending less time on the app. In order to bring more engagement and attention, Elon decided to do this. 

What is your opinion about the new Login feature? Useless or Useful?