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Who is Kai Musk? Know More About Elon Musk’s Son

Who is Kai Musk? Know More About Elon Musk’s Son
Image: Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

Kai Musk, the son of Elon and Justine Musk, is a popular figure in American culture. In addition to being one of Elon Musk’s famous triplet boys, along with Saxon and Damian, Kai Musk is also well-known in his own right. On January 1, 2006, Kai Musk entered the world; as of 2024, his age is 18 years old. Musk was born in the United States under the Capricorn star sign. His American father and Canadian mother give him a mixed heritage known as Canadian-American. Kai Musk’s bio describes that he is around 52 kilos in weight and 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Young Musk has filthy blonde hair and brown eyes. The other two siblings are his brothers, Saxon and Damian Musk. Along with them, he has a sister called Vivian Jenna Wilson and a brother named Griffin Musk. In 2004, Griffin and Vivian were born as identical twins. Wilson, whose birth name was Xavier Alexander Musk, is another trans woman. After accepting her gender identity, she officially changed her name.

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Kai Musk, the son of Elon and Justine Musk, is a well-known celebrity in his own right. His mom’s a famous Canadian writer. His mother used this inspiration to create the modern fantasy book Blood Angel, which debuted in 2005. Uninvited, his mother’s second novel, came out in 2007. His mother also wrote a sequel to Blood Angel called Lord of Bones, which came out in 2008. His mother was also an early adopter of Pinterest-style book-planning tools.

On the other side, his father is a prominent businessman and investor. His dad started the company, is CEO, and oversees all engineering. In addition to being an angel investor, his dad also serves as CEO and Product Architect for Tesla, Inc. The Boring Company was started by his father as well. Additionally, his dad helped create both Neuralink and OpenAI.

Indeed, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and Forbes’ real-time billionaires’ list rank Elon Musk as the richest person on the planet. Zip2, a web software firm, was created by his father and uncle Kimbal in 1995. Compaq shelled over $307 million in 1999 to acquire this young company. His father also helped start the internet bank that same year. The two companies joined to establish PayPal in 2000.


Like his other brothers, Kai Musk attended the Ad Astra Academy. Elon Musk, Kai Musk’s father, founded this university in 2014 to provide an education for his children. Elon Musk intended to ensure his children had every advantage in pursuing higher education. He hopes to build a university that will provide students with a place to develop their full potential.

He is just a teenager; therefore, he hasn’t started working yet since he’s too busy with school. However, with his father’s support and his access to ample resources, he is certain to achieve greatness in whatever endeavor he undertakes.

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Net Worth

Since Kai Musk is still a child, he cannot take advantage of his father’s wealth or participate in any of his father’s business ventures. Elon Musk, his dad, is valued at around $19850 crore. He has taken over Twitter, now X, and plans to expand into other markets. Elon Musk is a family guy, first and foremost, as seen by his many social media posts featuring his children. Kai Musk enjoys sharing pictures of himself and his family on social media.

Social Media

Next, you may find this individual on Instagram at @kai_musk. This profile is private, so only his followers can see his updates. In addition, he signed up for X, formerly Twitter, in April 2022 with the handle @LiIMusk.

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