Who is Error Sans? Delving Deep into the AU Destroyer’s Bio

Who is Error Sans? Delving Deep into the AU Destroyer’s Bio

Error Sans is an AU destroyer and a creation of the Tumblr user Lover of Piggies (popularly known as CQ or Crayon Queen). In this particular AU, Error Sans is determined to destroy all the other AUs that he considers mistakes or glitches in the multiverse.

Who is Error Sans?

Error Sans, a glitched skeleton created in the Anti-Void, is a very powerful AU destroyer who is hell-bent to destroy all the other AUs in the multiverse. He uses blue strings to shatter and tie up souls. If one of the strings enters a victim’s body, Error becomes able to transfer his own soul onto the body of the victim. By doing this, Error becomes the controller of the victim’s mind and body, and does whatever he feels is right; resulting in the helplessness of the victim. Error is also capable of jumping from one universe to another. Apart from this, Error Sans is also the possessor of several different glitches, quirks, and powers. 

Who is Error Sans? Delving Deep into the AU Destroyer’s Bio

Error Sans Biography


Geno was capable was freeing himself from the Save-Screen, and he is also the candidate who got what he deserved at last. During his stay on the surface, Geno started playing with his determination, no matter how much Sans asked him to stop. This resulted in Geno sending himself to an endlessly empty space where there was no concept of Time. Time had no existence there. Geno soon began to lose sanity owing to timelessness, emptiness, and loneliness. He grew into a being full of anger towards everything and everyone he had ever helped. This anger shaped him into what Geno is today. During the process of his transformation, Geno was also ripped off of all his memories. 

After the life-altering transformation, Geno’s only objective is to destroy anomalies that he refers to as Glitches, and AUs, which he perceives to be “mistakes”. However, ironically, Geno does not see himself as one of the anomalies. He loves destroying AUs whenever he gets a chance apart from UnderNovela and OuterTale, to whom he is closely drawn. Geno, upon becoming the unstoppable AU destroyer, begins by keeping Flowey and Frisk under guard, so that they cannot reset, and only after that, the former goes on a murdering spree.

Error Sans was created in the Anti-Void as a glitched skeleton. Error Sans is the product of a determination/power-play by an alternative Genocide Sans who ends up throwing himself into the empty void, where, from loneliness, and bleakness, he turns into what he is now – Error Sans.

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Error’s Appearance: Error Sans is a black skeleton who can be seen wearing a black coat with a blue hood and black slippers. Error has red legs along with red and yellow fingers. Error also wears black sweatpants with blue stripes on each leg. His teeth are slightly yellow, and the insides of his eyes are red just like his nose. Error Sans has a white pupil in the right eye, and his left eye is of the colour blue with a yellow ring and a black pupil located in the middle of the eye. Error Sans has blue markings on his face that stand for tears.

Personality: Error Sans, in his AU, goes on a killing spree, however, there is one thing that does not fall into place, and that is Alignment. At first, Error is seen as neutral evil as he has no place for anyone in his heart. He, however, has a deep sense of honour as he never breaks the truce that he has made with Ink. Error only decides to break the truce once he learns that Ink has already broken it before. This is an honourable and lawful thing to do, and Error is lawful by nature. 

Who is Error Sans? Delving Deep into the AU Destroyer’s Bio


Error blaster: It is a one-of-a-kind black Gaster Blaster with blue tear marks that fall from Error Sans’ red eye sockets. Error Blaster is faster, bigger, and stronger than Classic Sans.

AU Jump: Error Sans is able to jump from one universe to another coupled with several other glitchy quirks and powers.

Blue Strings: Errors Sans uses blue strings to tie up souls. If a blue string enters another body, it will completely power down the victim’s mind and soul, resulting in Error Sans’ occupying the victim’s body and soul. Blue strings are Error Sans’ main choice of weapon.

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Physical Contact: Error has the fear of being touched, known as Haphephobia, which makes him stay physically away from everyone else.

Glitching: Error can glitch up at any given point in time which makes him fill his eyes with errors. It is a big disadvantage for Error Sans considering if he is in a battle. 

Near-sightedness: Error Sans is not capable of clearly seeing things that are far away from his eyes. 

His Inclination Towards Cute Things: Error Sans is drawn to cuteness as we can see in Underfail. He loves snuggling with fluffy and soft creatures although he has acute haphephobia.

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