Plexus Review: What is the Reason for the Downfall of Plexus Worldwide?

What is Plexus? Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus?

Plexus Worldwide is a network marketing company focusing primarily on weight loss, health, and beauty. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They promote health supplements, skincare products, and weight management solutions.

What is the Reason for the Downfall of Plexus?

There are many reasons why long-term customers of Plexus have also started to leave the company. Below are several reasons why everyone is leaving Plexus.

Plexus ban in some countries

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada have banned plexus products. The government of Canada issued a warning on February 7, 2014, regarding the Plexus Slim Accelerator 3-day trial box and Plexus Slim Accelerator pills. They are made in other countries and then imported to Canada.

Banned by Amazon

There were many one-star Amazon reviews for the product on Amazon. After finding out that the product ingredients include dimethylamylamine, Amazon permanently banned the sale of these products.

No Third-Party Certification

The company faced criticism for not having its products independently certified and tested by someone else. Many customers have also said that the company misled them into making a purchase. Furthermore, they were charged for unusual reasons and forced to buy other products after they signed up with the company. This criticism has made many people doubtful and concerned about the legitimacy and safety of products.

Plexus Review: What is the Reason for the Downfall of Plexus Worldwide?
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The FDA was inspecting Plexus products

The company also received a warning letter from the FDA accusing the three plexus products of being hazardous and ineffective. In addition, their products were falsely positioned as pharmaceuticals. They demanded that the plexus immediately fix these violations.

Market saturation

As the market has become more saturated, the number of customers has decreased. This makes it difficult for them to find new customers, which has lowered their income.

Misleading claims

Many medical professionals have promoted their breast check kits. But no contact information has been given on the website. The company website has warnings like “These products are not designed to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any ailment.” Besides, there is no evidence that the products have been tested and approved in clinical trials. Several plexus distributors were accused of making misleading claims, and these practices made the customers lose their credibility with the brand and contributed to the violation of ethics necessary in the industry.

Users feedback

Another reason for the plexus downfall is the personal experiences of users where the promises were not fulfilled. Several plexus users reported no benefits or effects despite using the product. Therefore, it made the company lose its credibility as the feedback contradicted the claims made during advertising.

The pyramidal schemes

Plexus is less of a multi-level marketing firm and more like a pyramid scam. Most of the plexus ambassadors were not even earning $5000 a year in 2015.

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Some of the Harmful Products Used in the Plexus Products


Lead content was found in plexus products such as plexus block, fast relief, and p96 products. This can cause health problems such as vomiting and stomach discomfort. When dangerous elements of lead are stored in the body, it can also cause lead poisoning. Treatments can also not resolve the problem completely and cause serious damage.

Chlorogenic Acid

Some tests state that chlorogenic acid and green coffee bean extract can help with weight loss. However, these tests are mostly funded by the business of green coffee beans. The FTC penalized Pure Green Coffee, Lindsey Duncan, and Applied Food Sciences for false claims about their products helping people lose weight.


In conclusion, a variety of reasons contribute to the answer to why everyone is leaving Plexus. Various controversies surrounding the safety and effectiveness of products are also a few factors. It has made people start trying other wellness products that are scientifically proven to be safe.


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