Former Oscars Host Steve Martin Defends Jo Koy After The Golden Globes Backlash

Former Oscars Host Steve Martin Defends Jo Koy After The Golden Globes Backlash
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Five-time Grammy award-winner American comedian and actor Steve Martin has supported the remarks of Jo Koy. He has hosted the Academy Award three times and has recently defended Jo Koy, as the first-time host has been receiving a lot of criticism online after his monologue at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. While some people found it funny, many are criticizing his jokes about Barbie and Taylor Swift and calling them “sexist” and “misogynistic.” Steve Martin came to his support on Tuesday and shared his opinions on the meta platform Threads.

“I tip my hat to anyone who steps out on stage to host a live awards show. It’s a very difficult job, and not for the squeamish,” Martin wrote. “I know because I’m still throwing up from the last time I did it in 2010. So, congratulations to Jo Koy, who took on the toughest gig in show business, hit, missed, was light on his feet, and now has 20 minutes of new material for his stand-up!” 52-year-old Koy is an American comedian announced to be the host of the Golden Globes on December 21, 2023. 

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78-year-old Martin is not alone in defending Koy’s jokes. The four-time Academy Award host, Whoopi Goldberg, too commented on the ongoing controversy. She said, “These hosting gigs are brutal—just brutal. If you don’t know the room, if you’ve not been in these rooms before, you’re sort of thrust out there. It’s hit or miss.” Goldberg added, “Now I love Jo Koy. He, to me, makes me just crazy because he’s funny. I don’t know whether it was the room. I don’t know whether it was the jokes. I didn’t get to see it, but I do know that he is as good as it gets when it comes to standups. That is not an easy game.”

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