Writing for Success: Why Technical Writing Services Are Worth the Investment

Writing for Success: Why Technical Writing Services Are Worth the Investment

If you’re wondering how outsourcing technical writing services can benefit your company or development team, continue reading so you can answer the question: “Is it worth my investment?”

Quality technical writing services are worth the investment because it saves your time, reduces costs, provides a guide that helps employees understand how the system works, and brainstorm ideas on how to resolve problems, pain-points, and bottlenecks.

Technical writing refers to the type of writing that deals with engineering, science, and business. Its form has four characteristics: technical and scientific matters, uses scientific vocabulary and report forms, commitment to accuracy and objectivity, and a complex task that involves descriptions, classifications, and solutions to problems. Technical writing is a verb – the act of performing writing whereas technical documentation could be a noun if it refers to the product made from technical writing; sometimes, it’s a verb–if you mean the process of jotting down or writing a process. However, technical documentation is more structured than technical writing and it conforms to a certain style guide. 

In this article, we will explore the reasons why we consider technical writing services worth the investment, learn the qualities of good technical documentation, and know where to outsource a quality technical writing service. 

5 Reasons Why Technical Writing Services Are Worth the Investment

Saves your Time 

Technical writing services help you save time so you can focus on other business processes that require your focus and attention. It benefits not only your dev team but also other departments in your organization who are continuously seeking to learn more about your products and how to improve them. 

Reduces Costs

Companies that outsource technical writing services reduce their costs in customer service and avoid instances of customers requesting refunds or replacements. Businesses save their money this way by being able to produce technical manuals or user guides for end-users–so they will follow the instructions on the documentation on how to use products correctly or how to troubleshoot the products if they malfunction.

To Understand How the System Works

Technical writing services help your team of software developers, engineers, and IT specialists understand the system, the software, or the source code they’re working on by producing their technical documentation. The documentation would be the point of reference and used by developers to avoid committing mistakes.

To Brainstorm Ideas with the Team

As technical writers collaborate with the team of developers and engineers, a flow of ideas and concepts is generated during its development phase. They can create a SWOT analysis together or foresee issues that may arise and provide solutions on how to resolve them. 

Resolve Problems and Provide Solutions

Outsourcing a reliable technical writing services team will help any developer or engineer solve problems or issues that may arise during software product development. They don’t need to conduct other research because written technical documentations are already available. 

The 6 Qualities of a Good Technical Documentation

Technical writing or technical documentation is complex. It requires dedication and hard work to come up with a good end product. Technical documents are the backbone of software, so it has to be high-quality. Hence, we define good technical documentation should be as follows:

1. Concise

Being concise with your technical documentation means avoiding fluff and being direct to the point with the information you would like to share. You want to make sure that your data is quickly accessible to your readers. 

2. Comprehensive

Good documentation needs to be complete or comprehensive. The readers should feel that the information they are reading from your document is factual and valuable.

3. Accurate

Accuracy is important in well-written technical documentation. In order to be valid, the documentation should be accurate or free from errors or misleading information. Edit and proofread written work for accuracy prior to publication.

4. Clear

A good, well-written technical document should be clear and objective. The information available should be clear enough to ensure it’s easy to understand, and free from technical jargon and assumptions.

5. Relevant

Reviewing your documentation frequently is important to make sure its information is updated and relevant. Outdated documentation can lead to misinformation and frustration so, make sure your documents are always up-to-date.

6. Organized

Well-organized technical documentation should follow an outline with divisions of headings and subheadings to make it easier to understand. The usage of lists and bullet points is always helpful to make information simple and easy to comprehend.   

Where to Outsource Quality Technical Writing Services?

QAWerk offers comprehensive, well-organized technical documentation and provides you with a collaborative working relationship if you want to outsource your technical writing services.

We provide professional, high-quality, and well-structured documentation that’s essential for your company’s needs and will save you time and money. This technical documentation will be useful for easier knowledge transfer among new employees and it’s a good resource or guide for existing employees when working on improving your product/s. 

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing a dedicated team that offers technical writing services is beneficial for your company as it will save you a lot of time and reduce costs. Technical writing or technical documentation for success is a complex task that requires time and hard work and if you delegate this task to an agency or third-party support, you can spend more time improving the features of your product with your in-house team and resulting in faster product delivery. 

Technical writers from QAWerk are a team of professional project managers, developers, and designers, who will collaborate with you to understand your processes, requirements, and your software in order to come up with high-quality technical documentation. With the reasons mentioned, we can conclude that outsourcing a professional team that offers technical writing services is definitely worth the investment.

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