‘Yellowstone’ Actor Mo Brings Urges Fans To Help Locating Missing Nephew

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Mo Brings Urges Fans To Help Locating Missing Nephew

Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty is seeking the public’s help to locate his missing nephew. 

His nephew, Cole Brings Plenty, is also being searched by the police as he is a suspect in a domestic violence case. 

Mo Brings plays the role of Mo in Paramount Network’s popular series Yellowstone. The actor took to his Instagram on Tuesday to urge the fans to help find his nephew, who has not been spotted since Sunday. 

Mo shared a “missing” warrant with the photo and details about his nephew. He captioned the post,

The Lawrence Kansas Police Department also posted on Facebook regarding their search for 27-year-old Cole, who went missing after being accused of a domestic violence case by a female on Sunday. 

Interestingly, even Cole’s agent has yet to learn about his whereabouts. He told Page Six,

Cole had an audition on an upcoming film project over Zoom scheduled for Monday morning.

I had spoken to him Thursday afternoon about the details and he was excited about it. When Cole didn’t show up on Zoom, I reached out to his manager.

We hope he is found safe and appreciate the efforts of his family, friends and film industry colleagues to try and locate him. Our thoughts go out to them during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Cole Brings Plenty has appeared in the 7th and 8th episodes of Yellowstone’s prequel, titled “1923.”

Further, his notable acting work includes the TV shows “Into the Wild Frontier” and “The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger.”

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