5 Games Like Grow Castle You Must Start Playing Now!

5 Games Like Grow Castle You Must Start Playing Now!

Grow Castle is one of the finest arcade games with tower defense gameplay. Protect the castle from enemies and ensure that every floor of the castle has a hero guarding it. There are more than 120 heroes of different characters and powers that can be used. 

Playing the Grow Castle game on Android tablets should be fun compared to smartphones as it gives larger screen options. You may ask how to install Grow Castle on Windows PC? Yes, downloading and playing this game on PC is possible. If you’ve already tried your hands on this game and loved it, let us tell you that you can explore a few more games that resemble Grow Castle and we’re sure you will love each one of them!

Top 5 Games Like Grow Castle

Although the games listed below aren’t the same as Grow Castle, they’re more into tower defense strategy games. So yes, you could always see a glimpse of the Grow Castle gameplay now and then. 

#1. Defenders 2!

Dive into the 3D fantasy world to collect towers, collectible cards, and defend your tower against brutal enemies. Make sure your base defense is stronger when the monsters try to hit your towers hard and try to sneak in. Save the closure of your castle by defending it and staying high on the hopes of citizens who treat you as a boss or king of their castle. Once you go through the basic battles and the intermediate ones, the hard mode awaits you for epic defense on the battlefield. 

#2. Defense Zone 3 HD!

The previous 2 versions of the game were popular amongst strategy game lovers. Although the 3rd version of Defense Zone took time to gain popularity, it is now one of the popular tower defense games around. With four different levels, copious landscapes, varied seasons, 8 types of turrets, and abilities to drop nuclear bombs & airstrikes, you’re in for a roller-coaster ride for sure. Everything is well-balanced in this game and you’re going to have a tough time if you don’t match your enemies’ skills. Explore the world of fully loaded weapons and pick the one that suits your style to get started!

#3. Kingdom Rush Vengeance!

Kingdom rush is no different than any other tower defense game. It’s all about unlocking towers, training your heroes, and showing who’s the real boss to your enemies. The more you play the game, the more you’ll be addicted to the kind of gameplay and graphics it has. With the help of 13 powerful heroes (of course, you need to train them), you can face any empire of enemies that can attack your towers. Always be alert as there are more than 60 enemies in the game who are going to test your skills and tower defense strategies. Overall, there are 18 towers to defend your kingdom, so play your cards wisely and take calculated risks over time. 

#4. Bad North

Bad North is considered to be one of the finest of strategy games when it comes to Android. Don’t just go with the flow of graphics, they are stunning, but the gameplay is equally brutal. This is the fight for victory against the Viking invaders who have killed the king. As you take an oath to defeat those invaders, you’re in for a perfect defense game. It’s not all about victory alone, it’s about surviving as well. Intelligent controls, exploring various islands, and a few of the rewards that can be claimed upon smarter defense strategies, can lead you to victory. But that’s not going to be easy at all as the invaders are well aware of your moves and tower defense strategies as well. It’s surely going to be a bloodbath once you enter the battlefield. Happy defending! 

#5. Bloons TD 6

Bloom’s tower defense 6th version is designed to keep you busy for hours and hours. Unlike the earlier version, this time the tower defense will be in 3D. The characters in the game are different and so are the graphics. The monkey animations, a plethora of maps, visual effects, and upgrading the skins are all going to be a part of your tower defense strategy. The heroes are your monkeys, 11 of them will be with you with the capability of upgrading 20 signature moves. For each monkey (hero), you can strategize the gameplay and train them accordingly for defense. You can either play this game with your gang or go solo even when your Wi-Fi isn’t with you. With every update, new gaming modes are getting added, so make sure that you update the game to explore more!

Final Verdict!

Out of all these tower defense or arcade games, whatever you name it, which one would be the closest one to match Grow Castle? Do let us know in the comments!  While a lot of them are discussing the same, our favorites are Defense Zone 3 HD for deadly weapons and Bad North for stunning islands & visuals.

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