Apple Promotes Silo by Putting the First Episode on Twitter

Apple Promotes Silo by Putting the First Episode on Twitter

The season finale of Apple TV’s post apocalyptic sci-fi thriller Silo is set to stream on Friday. Three days prior to that Apple puts the entire 59 minutes and 24 seconds of the first episode, Freedom Day. As far as reaching and engaging audiences go, the unusual move by Apple has been a success. The tweet has got around 27 million views and the video itself got more than 3 million views with a >10% conversion rate. People have only good things to say about the episode and you can see the interest brewing in the comment section. Twitterati was actually taken by surprise by this upload.

Silo is an adaptation of the science fiction novel Wool by Hugh Howey. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization is contained within a 144-story underground bunker. The citizens are forbidden from leaving the building on accounts of the outside world being uninhabitable. Questions arise about the intentions of the authority as well as the reality of their claims about the outside world. Overall, it’s a gripping story that  plays quite well with the concepts of truth and freedom.

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9 episodes of the series are available for streaming on Apple TV+ with the final episode scheduled for Friday. It stars Rebecca Ferguson (Dune), Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Tim Robbins and Harriet Walter. The show has had quite an impact among the sci-fi fandom. Apple has already renewed the show for a second season. 

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