Be a Witch and Design Your Own Tarot in “The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood,” Out in August

Be a Witch and Design Your Own Tarot in "The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood," Out in August
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Deconstructeam, the Spanish indie studio known for games like The Red Strings Club and Gods Will Be Watching has come up with a mystical gaming experience involving witchcraft and tarots. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is scheduled for release on August 16. And here is what you should know about the game. 

The game puts you in the shoes of Fortuna, a powerful witch exiled from her coven for centuries. She’s banned from using tarot. Your objective is to design a new deck of fortune-telling cards with the help of an eerie supernatural being. But you have to be covert about your mission. 

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Players had a peak at the demo of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood during the Steam Next Fest. Seemed like creativity plays a huge role in the game. As Fortuna, you interact with other witches and strange magical beings. You forge your own destiny and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos while riding a captivating narrative. 

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Fortuna is exiled to live alone in a two-level cottage on an asteroid. This hut of hers is very interesting as creative director Jordi de Paco revealed in an interview. He said, “You are going to be able to unlock more interactive objects in your home, one of them is a library of interactive fiction that Fortuna has in there. We collaborated with other writers to have, like, interactive fictions included as an optional minigame. Since Fortuna has been isolated for so long, she survived by reading interactive fiction as an escapism method, and there are some other systems that you will unlock on the house.” 

Although these minigames are a very small part of the intricate tapestry of quasi sci-fi content featured in the game, they are an interesting addition. The game makes you interact with other witches, understand their destinies, and thereby find your own. 

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