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Beautiful Rebel: What Are The Release Dates For The Biopic Film?

Beautiful Rebel: What Are The Release Dates For The Biopic Film?
Image : Netflix

Beautiful Rebel, which is all set to make its OTT debut in recent months, has recently introduced an exciting trailer. While fans can’t help getting excited about the biopic film, this article will provide them with all the needed details about the Letizia Toni starrer to make it more enticing.

An upcoming biopic, Beautiful Rebel, is based on the autobiographical novel of Cazzi Miei by Gianni Nannini. Produced by a Milan-based studio in Indiana production along with the collaboration of Daniel Campos Pavoncelli, Marco Cohen, Fabrizio Donvito, and Benedetto Habib. Here’s all you need to know about the biopic film which is set to make its debut on Netflix.

Plot For Beautiful Rebel

The forthcoming film, Beautiful Rebel, covers the life of an Italian singer and songwriter, Giana Nannini. It chronicles her childhood, her aspirations, and her struggle to reach immense popularity. Beautiful Rebel also showcases how Nannini, despite suffering several setbacks from her family and her record company, managed to maintain a successful musical career.

Besides, Netflix released a synopsis for its forthcoming project, Beautiful Rebel, that read,

A fragment of the life of one of the most incisive and renowned voices of our music, a thirty years old story starting from childhood and the roots of her life and career, up to her consecration, passing through a turning point that cuts Gianna’s life into two parts, so much so that it is considered her true birth: the year 1983.

What Are The Release Dates For The Beautiful Rebel?

With higher anticipation from viewers and fans, The Beautiful Rebel is set to make its debut on May 2, 2024. The biopic, which was filmed around Sienna, including Piazza Del Campo and Tori, has set higher hopes for the Giana Nannini fans’.

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Is There a Trailer for The Beautiful Rebel?

Months before its release, Netflix released The Beautiful Rebel’s trailer which provided a glimpse into the life of an acclaimed musician, Giana Nannini. Along with the trailer, the film received a summary that read,

The origin story of one of Italy’s greatest rock stars, Gianna Nannini, who chased her dream despite obstacles from her family and the music industry.

Video by MVSRS

Who Is In The Cast of the Beautiful Rebel?

The upcoming Netflix film incorporates a star-studded cast who have made the biopic interesting with their exceptional acting. According to a list released by Netflix, Beautiful Rebel cast includes,

  • Maurizio Lombardi (The New Pope) as Danilo
  • Florin Piersic Jr. (Killing Time) as Roger Kranz
  • Selene Caramazza (Pure Hearts) as Carla
  • Andrea Delogu (Divorzio a Las Vegas) as Mara Maionchi
  • Stefano Rossi Giordani (Into the Labyrinth) as Marc
  • Alessandro Cucca (Doppio passo) as Amico di Danilo
  • Max Lisa (L’Elisir di Leonardo da Vinci e la Banda del Buffardello) as Claudio
  • Emanuele Luigi Cuomo as Romina
Beautiful Rebel: What Are The Release Dates For The Biopic Film?
Image: Netflix

What is The Runtime For The Beautiful Rebel?

The film, which is set to release on Thursday, May 2, 2024, has a runtime of 112 minutes. Additionally, you can watch this anticipated biopic on the streaming giant, Netflix. The OTT platform charges for a subscription and the range varies from region to region.

Who is Giana Nannini?

Gianna Nannini, 69, is an Italian singer and songwriter, who came to prominence with her single “America” and music album, California. In 1984, she received her international breakthrough with her sixth album, Puzzle, that peaked among the top 10 in German, Swiss, Italian, and Swiss charts.

Besides her accomplishments, Nannini often made headlines for her personal life. In 2010, when the singer was 56, announced her pregnancy; she gave birth to a daughter, Penelope. Giana, who identifies as bisexual, never revealed the identity of Penelope’s father. In 2017, she, along with her daughter and partner, Carla, moved to London. In the autobiography of the singer, Cazzi Miei, she mentioned several aspects of her life including her partner, childhood, and sexuality.

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