Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Complete ‘A Prince in Disguise’ Quest and Unlock Belle and Beast

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Complete 'A Prince in Disguise' Quest and Unlock Belle and Beast

“A Prince in Disguise” is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that has garnered a fair amount of attention. If you are stuck on it and would love some tips about completing it, you’re at the right place. 

Before you can unlock Beast, you must retrieve the Enchanted Mirror’s key. To do this, follow Lumiere’s clues:

The first clue leads you to the library’s fireplace. Use your watering can on the fire to reveal the first key piece.

The second clue can be found on the lion statue near Beast’s room. Break the statue open with your pickaxe to retrieve the second key piece.

For the final key piece, head to the garden and locate the maze. There, dig up the shiny mound in the middle of the maze to discover the final key piece.

After gathering all the key pieces, you must return to Beast. He will fix the key and ask you to collect the Enchanted Mirror which is stored in a chest behind him.

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Beast wants to make amends with Belle and he wants to create a special gift for her. You must help him. Here’s what you’ll need. 

  • 20 Fiber
  • 3 Purple Falling Penstemon
  • 1 Empty Vial
  • 1 Feather from a villager

Of all these ingredients the feather is the trickiest to collect. You can ask characters like Scrooge McDuck about this. After obtaining all the materials, craft the Book Kit at the nearest crafting station and return to Beast.

Beast wants to look his best to impress Belle. So you must locate his grooming items. 

  • Beast’s Brush
  • Princely Cologne
  • Princely Shampoo

You’ll find all of these in Beast’s room. The brush is near the main door, the shampoo is by the bath, and the cologne is located next to a pile of books.

Witness Beast’s heartfelt apology as they make amends. You will be asked to place Beast’s castle in your valley. Once you do that, Beast and Belle will become prominent characters in your Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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