Factors in Choosing a Glass Manufacturer

Factors in Choosing a Glass Manufacturer

When searching for a glass manufacturer for your industrial or commercial project, you may be tempted to choose the one that offers you the best price. Your budget should be a consideration when researching glass manufacturers, but it shouldn’t be the only factor that goes into your decision. Here are other factors to consider before choosing your glass manufacturing company.


You wouldn’t choose a doctor who didn’t have any experience because the results could be disastrous. The same goes for a glass manufacturer. While the stakes aren’t as high as choosing an inexperienced physician, you still want to make sure your glass manufacturer knows what they’re doing, especially if you are buying glass that will be used in an essential component in a manufacturing process, aerospace design, or other application that could halt the entire project if the glass fails. Make sure the glass manufacturer you select is one that has been in business for decades and can handle your specific needs.

Personal Connection

Online reviews can give you a place to start looking for a glass manufacturer to partner with, but they shouldn’t be your only experience with the company. Instead, you should be able to contact the company directly and speak with the person who will oversee your project. This is not an inexpensive endeavor, and you should have a personal connection with the manufacturer at all times throughout the process. 

Glass projects are often collaborative, especially if you’re working with a company to create artistic or architectural glass. You need to be on the same page at all times, or your project could go awry. You need a company that will keep you informed of where your glass is during the manufacturing process and provide any assistance if you don’t get exactly what you want.

See Multiple Bids

Again, while you shouldn’t jump at the lowest price for your glass manufacturing project, you shouldn’t automatically take the first bid. You can’t get a good idea of whether or not your price is fair if you don’t get multiple bids. You will also be able to compare the quality of glass you’re getting and any additional services you might be getting at a higher price. For instance, if one bid includes a customized project plan and another one doesn’t, you’ll be able to better assess why one quote is so much higher than another. Then, you can determine if you need the extra services or not.

Don’t Forget Lead Time

With the supply chain issues the world is facing these days, you need to know how much lead time it will take to manufacture your glass. Unfortunately, there’s no use continuing with a company if they can’t meet the time frame for your project. Lead and delivery time should be one of the first topics you address with any potential glass manufacturer because if they can’t meet your needs, you can automatically cross them off your list. 


Purchasing custom glass from a glass manufacturer is not always a straightforward process, so be sure to carefully vet any company you’re thinking of using to ensure they’re the right partner for you. It’s much easier to do this before you start your project than find out that they aren’t going to work out mid-way through.

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