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What Is Lori Greiner’s Net Worth? Meet The Richest Shark Tank Cast Member

What Is Lori Greiner’s Net Worth? Meet The Richest Shark Tank Cast Member

Lori Greiner is a renowned television personality, entrepreneur, and investor. She gained recognition after appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ – a business reality show. Are you wondering what Lori Greiner’s net worth is? If yes, you have come to the right place. The following write-up provides a glimpse of her life and wealth. Please check it out now.


Before answering the frequently asked question – how much is Lori Greiner net worth – let us delve a bit into her childhood.

Lori was born on 9th December 1969 in Chicago. Her father was a realtor and her mother a psychologist. They separated when Lori was nine years old.

Lori studied at the famous Loyola University. She specialized in television, film, journalism, and communications.

Lori briefly worked as a designer and playwright. She used to sell her jewelry.

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Due to her extensive and flourishing career, Lori Greiner net worth is huge. Lori started by making earring organizers with plastic sliding rods that could store around hundred earrings neatly. JCPenney picked up the product’s prototype. Lori took a loan of $300,000, and reimbursed it in 18 months.

Lori Greiner never wanted to be an inventor. However, after succeeding on Home Shopping, she ventured into that path. By the year 2000, she created a wide range of products.

How much is Lori Greiner worth? The answer to this common query changed when she joined Shark Tank. Her investment in Scrub Daddy contributed to her prosperity. Scrub Daddy produced household sponges with various textures. The company had over 100 million sales in 2016.

Lori Greiner also invested in Readerest, Squatty Potty, Drop-Stop, Screened, and many more. She is still on Shark Tank along with other entrepreneurs. Lori Greiner net worth 2022 is 150 million dollars.

What Is Lori Greiner’s Net Worth? Meet The Richest Shark Tank Cast Member


Since you know the net worth of Lori Greiner, look into the lessons you must learn from the investor’s amazing journey.

  1. Confidence

According to Lori Greiner, great ideas do not sell themselves. If you wish to persuade your partner, boss, or any other individual, the foremost step is to be confident.

  1. Smart Communication

All entrepreneurs should have great communication skills. Also, communicating effectively is much more than speaking the correct words. You should develop a hook – something that can intrigue people or captivate their attention in no time.  Tapping into personal leadership is about communication, after all.

  1. Cautious Listening

Mastering listening skills is necessary, specifically in a business setting. Lori Greiner managed to make great investments because she listened closely to the entrepreneurs’ ideas. 

Nominations and Awards

Lori Greiner is a talented woman. For Shark Tank, she won several awards including Critic’s Choice and Emmy.

Salary and Assets

  • Lori Greiner has a respectable position throughout the United States of America.
  • She makes about five million dollars each year from her business venture.
  • Her role on Shark Tank is also a factor. She makes fifty thousand dollars every episode and 1.2 million dollars every season.
  • Lori engages multiple followers thanks to social media. She markets cosmetics saving thousands and earning millions.

So, you know Lori Greiner salary, it is time to learn about her assets.

Lori has sixteen real-estate properties, four luxury yachts, and six cars. The portfolio has cash reserves of nearly 42 million dollars. Lori Greiner owns 15 stocks of 35 million dollars. Some of the stocks are as follows – 

  • Costco
  • Netflix
  • IBM
  • Mastercard
  • AT&T
  • PayPal

Lori Greiner also has many cars such as Range Rover, BMW X8, Mercedes Benz, and Rolls Royce.

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You know about Lori Greiner assets. It is time to be aware of her loans.

  • For her college education, Lori took a loan of $34,000.
  • After becoming a television personality and earning lots of money, she repaid the loan in full.
  • Lori took a huge loan of twenty million dollars a few years ago.
  • She wanted to expand her business and enter the media industry. This money was included in Lori’s net worth.
  • Lori Greiner inherited substantial amounts of wealth from family. 
  • Her wise investments have increased her wealth to the greatest extent.

Social Media Accounts

Lori Greiner is quite active on all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She has around 4.78 million followers on Facebook, 1.8 million on Twitter, and 971K on Instagram.

Bottom Line

The above discussion provided information on Lori Greiner and her net worth. She is very rich. She has patented many consumer products in categories like jewelry storage, cosmetic organization, electronics, travel, and household products.

In 2014, Lori wrote a book. It sold quite quickly. It is a guide on Lori Greiner’s extensive entrepreneurial journey. The 52-year-old woman will have an excellent future. Studies suggest her net worth will increase down the road. You could learn a lot from her career. Get motivated and maybe you will become a successful entrepreneur or investor later.

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