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Fairphone 4: A Sustainable and Privacy-Focused Smartphone Arrives in the US

Fairphone 4: A Sustainable and Privacy-Focused Smartphone Arrives in the US
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Fairphone is known for its sustainability-focused smartphones. The company has been focused solely on the European market so far. Finally it is coming to the USA. Fairphone has started accepting orders for its Fairphone 4 for $599 and $679. They have launched the phone in the US market in partnership with Murena. They are calling it the Murena Fairphone 4. 

The Murena Fairphone 4 has two variants. One variant features a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and comes for $599, the other one packs an 8GB RAM and 256GB storage and is priced at $679. The storage capacity is expandable with MicroSD. It comes with a 3905mAh battery, 5G connectivity, and dual-SIM support. The makers have done a good job on the camera front. The phone has a dual 48MP rear camera and a 25 MP selfie camera.

The phone is steeply priced for its specs. It is 2 years old and comes with a mid-level Qualcomm chip from 2020. However, it offers more than just storage and processing power. It has a “deGoogled” version of Android called the /e/ operating system. 

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It replaces Google’s stock applications with open-source alternatives. It also features a directory that provides you with privacy related information about each app you try to install, rating the apps based on their privacy. Apparently, the phone lets you download Google-built apps from the App store without sharing your data with Google

Privacy aside, the other quality that makes Fairphone worth its price is its repairability. The modular design allows easy replacement of components. Nothing is glued, you take out and replace any part you wish with a screw-driver. Spare components are available with Murena. The Fairphone 4 has received a perfect repairability rating score from iFixit.

Fairphone 4 will receive software patches for at least five years and it comes with a 5 year hardware warranty. So, if you like phones that last, you’d love this product. Durability, longevity, and privacy are championed by this phone over specs and high-fi technology. 

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