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ASAP Rocky Net Worth! How He Went From Rag To Riches?

ASAP Rocky Net Worth! How He Went From Rag To Riches?

Rakim Athelaston Mayers is the full name of ASAP Rocky. He’s successful and popular all around the world. Rocky was born on 3 October 1988 in New York City, United States. He’s 33 years old now. He lived with his brother and sister in his childhood in Manhattan.

ASAP Rocky is famous all around the world because of his profession as a rapper and musician. He’s been working as a rapper since 2007. He got immense popularity and a huge fan base after a single and later released a mixtape in 2011. To today date, he has launched three albums, and with them, he has achieved immense success and fame. In this article, we will answer what is asap rocky’s net worth?

Asap Rocky Net Worth 2022

ASAP Rocky has earned millions of dollars to date. In 2022, Asap rocky net worth is 11 million dollars. This is how much is asap rocky worth. He did extreme hard work day and night to achieve a good place in the music industry. Rocky has gone through rags to riches. He faced a lot of hardships but later he became one of the best rappers and famous record executives. He’s dating Rihanna and living a good professional as well as personal life. He has millions of followers and a crazy fanbase.

ASAP Rocky Net Worth! How He Went From Rag To Riches?

What is asap rocky net worth 2022 ?

Rocky faced a lot of money problems at an early age and he has gone through poverty in his childhood. His father got arrested for selling drugs in an illegal manner and then he died in 2012. His brother got killed in the same year. To earn a living, Rocky was selling drugs and cannabis at an early age.

Rocky started singing at an early age with her sister, Erika. Erika is also a famous musician. In the beginning, Rocky began rapping with a local group in 2007. Now he’s part of the famous hip hop group called A$AP Rocky. He struggled a lot in his early starting career but later by 2011 he became a successful rapper. As a result, asap rocky salary increased. He has also won many awards such as the BET Awards, and many more. According to sources, the net worth of asap rocky is eleven million dollars.

Asap rocky assets

House: ASAP Rocky has earned a huge fan base and immense success through rapping and his albums. He has plenty of real estate properties and Rocky has spent most of his time in the USA. He owns a house in NY City, Manhattan City, LA, Beverly Hills, and many more places. They have increased Rocky’s total assets’ worth. Also, they have increased his net worth.

Cars: He has a good collection of cars. He is a huge fan of luxury cars. Rocky is the owner of some of the best cars. 

He loves driving and is often seen driving in his free time. We hope we answered your question to How much is asap rocky net worth?

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