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Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022: Biography Income Assets Cars

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022: Biography Income Assets Cars

Who is Jeffree Star? He is a YouTuber, makeup artist, former songwriter-singer, and entrepreneur. Jeffree is an icon of the fashion industry. Many people consider him a beauty guru.

Do you want to know Jeffree Star net worth? According to the latest surveys, he has a net worth of about 210 million dollars.

Jeffree started wearing makeup from an early age. He decided to move to Los Angeles to create something on his own. He provides makeup services to A-list celebrities. Jeffree charges around 120,000 dollars for a day.

To know more, please continue reading. The rest of the discussion provides a peek into Jeffree’s childhood, relationships, social media presence, and more.


What is Jeffree Star’s net worth? – a query of several people. These people also want to know about Jeffree’s childhood.

Born in California, on 15th November 1985, Jeffree was brought up by his mother alone. From the age of nine, he started trying out different makeup kits. Jeffree could have stopped after becoming a famous makeup artist but he wanted more from life.

Jeffree opened a YouTube channel that has over seven million subscribers. It is the biggest online fashion platform right now. His Myspace pages were also quite popular. He has appeared in multiple music videos.

Jeffree Star commented on Kim Kardashian and the latter’s fans started trolling him. Kim came forward to put an end to this situation.

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022: Biography Income Assets Cars

Growth in Net Worth

Jeffree Star net worth 2022 is 210 million dollars. Let’s now find out how much his net worth increased over the years.

  • 2021 – $184 million 
  • 2020 – $175 million 
  • 2019 – $163 million
  • 2018 – $150 million
  • 2017 – $137 million


Now that you know the net worth of Jeffree Star, it is time to delve into his love life.

Jeffree dated Nathan Schwandt from 2015 to 2020. They lived together in a mansion with Pomeranians. Star announced their separation in a video. Schwandt’s eagerness to avoid fame, health problems, and the death of their dog contributed to the breakup.

He had a brief relationship with Andre Marhold, the professional basketball player. There was a rumor that Jeffree paid Andre to have a relationship. The actual scandal began when they broke up. Star accused the player of stealing on Instagram. Marhold said Star was racist.

Jeffree Star is probably dating Sean Van Der Wilt right now. Star uploaded a few cryptic photos that created the rumor.

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So, what is Jeffree Star’s salary? He earns about 20 million dollars every year.

In 2018, as per Forbes’ research, he earned 18 million dollars from his YouTube channel. The earnings made Jeffree fifth highest paid YouTube star.

Social Media Presence

Jeffree Star has an amazing social media presence. He has about 13.5 million followers on Instagram. On Facebook, he has around 2.9 million followers. Jeffree has 6.6 million followers on Twitter.


Do you want to know about Jeffree Star assets? He is the owner, founder, and CEO of his cosmetics brand. Jeffree owns multiple other ventures. He has ten more businesses. In a video, Star shared about investing in marijuana businesses.

Jeffree has a mansion hidden in the hills. It costs 14.6 million dollars. He shared a tour of his house on YouTube. He is now neighbors with many celebs.

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022 Biography Income Assets Cars,

Interesting Facts About Jeffree Star

Below are facts that will reveal the true Jeffree Star.

  • He is the most famous beauty guru online – With a phenomenal following on the YouTube channel, he is the most famous beauty guru at present. His reviews and tutorials get about ten million videos. Jeffree’s videos spark strong engagement.
  • Jeffree has the most popular Myspace page – Myspace captured attention in the year 2003. Jeffree gained many fans. These fans comment on Jeffree’s photoshoots. Jeffree Star turned his fans into customers. His Myspace popularity motivated him to start his own makeup brand.
  • He signed with Akon’s music label – Jeffree star got a huge opportunity in 2010. Akon asked him to sign a music label. Jeffree was promised a studio album with big artists. The contract also allowed him to travel. But since Jeffree’s music was not up to the mark, Akon canceled the deal.
  • Kylie Jenner does not send Jeffree cosmetics – Jeffree did not say anything positive about Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics. He felt disappointed. As a result, Kylie stopped sending him products. They have a rough relationship.
  • Jeffree has many tattoos – Jeffree Star has so many tattoos that he stopped counting. All of his body is full of ink.

Bottom Line

You know how much Jeffree Star’s net worth is. Below are some of his interesting facts.

Jeffree Star is the best YouTuber in the world. As stated earlier, he has a net worth of 210 million dollars. According to the many online resources like IMDB, Forbes, and Wikipedia, Jeffree is very rich and he will remain the same down the road.

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