Is Rust a Free Game?

Is Rust a Free Game?

Rust is an increasingly popular survival game available on Steam, with an average of around 80,000 players online every day. What has made this game so popular, and is Rust a free or paid game? Read this in our article!

What is Rust?

Rust is a survival game for PC that debuted in 2013 as a beta and on February 8, 2018 as a full game. The game received very high ratings upon release and already had a huge amount of players who continue to play Rust to this day. 

This survival has an available multiplayer mode in which we can play on official, community or additionally modded servers. During the gameplay you can stick and create alliances with other players or just rob and dominate them. This title also allows you to collect items, as there are plenty of skins for different items in the game, which have a certain value as well as quantity on the market. The sale of Rust skins is also available on various sites. The system is integrated into Steam just like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Is Rust Free-To-Play?

Rust is not a free-to-play game, the current cost on Steam is $39.99. Over time as the game has received updates the price has gotten higher, and the current way to get it cheaper is through bargain hunting and Steam sales.

On the Steam platform it is also possible to buy the Rust + DLC bundle for $74.65, which includes:

  • The full version of the game Rust
  • Rust – Instruments Pack
  • Rust – Sunburn Pack
  • Rust – Voice Props Pack
  • Rust Soundtrack

Buying this set saves you about 10%, however, the vast majority of gamers have only the Rust game in their game library without these extra packs.

Are There Skins in Rust Like in CSGO?

Yes, there are weapon cosmetic skins available in Rust that work exactly like in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They will change the appearance of your items, but will not improve any of their features, so keep in mind that skins in Rust are only a cosmetic change.

There is an official Rust Item Store in the game, but you can also purchase skins on the Steam community marketplace, from other players, and on various sites offering to sell Rust skins. Most of the CS:GO skin marketplaces also carry items from this game.

How Do I Get Skins in Rust?

Getting skins in Rust is possible in several ways:

  1. while playing Rust you will receive random items from time to time (you don’t even have to be logged into the server, just open game)
  2. You can link your Rust and Twitch accounts, to get skin drops when you watch Facepunch’s partner youtubers
  3. take part in giveaways on various services such as Twitter, where youtubers and streamers often give away items in Rust for their activity


If you want to play Rust then unfortunately you will have to take some money out of your wallet because this game was never and probably will not be free-to-play. However, user ratings are very good and there are a lot of players in Rust which means that this survival game is really good and probably one of the best available at the moment.

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