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Marketing Your Gym

Marketing Your Gym
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Thanks to the internet, there are more ways than ever for you to market your gym business. You can get super creative or stick to the more traditional methods. It’s entirely up to you! 

But, digital marketing offers you some of the most powerful – and budget-friendly options when it comes to marketing your gym. 

You can speak directly to your audience using Facebook, emails, Twitter, and Instagram. TikTok has a large fitness community and can also be the ideal place to talk about your gym. 

Exclusive Offers

Have an exclusive offer on one of your social media platforms that offers people a few days of free access, or maybe even a free appointment with a personal trainer. 

One thing that can put off many people who want to join a gym is not being able to see it and experience it in advance. This offer can increase your social following and see more people coming through the doors. 

Picture perfect

Instagram is the ideal place for people to show off their fitness progress. They are talking about personal bests, motivations, definition, and more. It is also the perfect place for you to show off your new gym design, run offers, and engage with fitness fans all over the world. 

Use your Instagram to celebrate your members, milestones, and your own. Get involved and make it authentic and personal. 

Super Simple Website

You don’t need a complex website – so don’t build one. Build something that people can buy or renew memberships, offers the information people really need like class times, hours, locations, and others. 

Cut the fuss and only have the information that counts with easy navigation. 

Google My Business

Gyms are local, and if you don’t have a completed Google My Business, you are missing out on some serious traffic and members. Google is the no.1 search engine in almost all countries. So, go fill in your Google My Business profile, and encourage your current members to fill in reviews to help boost visibility. 

Simply ensure that all of the club’s information is up to date and that you select the appropriate company category. You can add many listings under one account if you’re managing multiple locations. 


Hire a freelance writer, use a content company or create the content yourself. It doesn’t matter how you do it; what matters is that you start to splash with written content. 

Written content in blog posts will bring people to your website. You will get readers who are not nearby, though, and they will just be passing through. But, if you write some locally targeted content too, you will see that plenty of people become return visitors and eventually members.

Focus on content that has plenty of your location in it, combined with the keywords that will help you rank. Google Keywords can be a huge source of information and help you create a content strategy that helps market your brand. 

There are as many fitness marketing tactics.  You can conduct a couple or all of them, but the most critical point to remember is to track the results of each campaign – and improve them as time goes on. 

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