One Killed And Many Injured Amid Israel’s Airstrike On Hezbollah

One Killed And Many Injured Amid Israel’s Airstrike On Hezbollah
Image: TimesOfIsrael

Israel on Monday launched airstrikes in the Lebanese city of Baalbek, as per the media of the country. This was Israel’s second attack in the area after the dispute started at the borders amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza war.

Reuters reported that the airstrike resulted in one death and many injuries. Two security sources and the Baalbek governor, Bachir Khodr, confirmed the incident.

Since October last year, a day after Hamas started attacks on Israel, resulting in thousands of deaths, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and Israel have engaged in cross-border fire almost every day. The strikes were mainly limited to border areas. However, some of them have hit Hezbollah in the northern region, increasing the possibility of another full-fledged conflict.

Several media outlets and the AFP reported that “Israeli aircraft targeted a former Hezbollah building near Dar Al Amal hospital.” Sources added that Israel had “conducted another raid on a warehouse west of Baalbek.”

One of the strikes targeted the south of Baalbek, situated about 2 km from the ancient Roman remains, and the other three strikes hit Taraya city, situated almost 20km to the west of Baalbek. The security officials confirmed it.

The state-run National News Agency reported that Israel “targeted a residential building in the town of Ansar…south of Baalbek.” It also added, “Fire and plumes of smoke could be seen rising from the targeted location.” 

Interestingly, the city is a crucial site for Hezbollah, and it borders Syria. In late February, Israel’s strikes hit the city, which was about 100 kilometers from the border. It killed two Hezbollah members and was called the deepest raid since the attacks started.

The Hamas ally Hezbollah is persistent in saying that it will stop attacks only after a ceasefire is imposed in Gaza. However, the defense minister of Israel has also responded that any negotiation would not stop Israel’s aim to push the militant group out of the south of Lebanon. 

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