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Owen Wilson Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor-Producer?

Owen Wilson Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor-Producer?

Owen Wilson’s bank account is bursting at the seams with a net worth of $70 Million. His dazzling career as an actor, producer, and screenwriter has opened many doors to success for him.

Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson is a man of many talents and has achieved immense success throughout his extended career. Not only an actor, but a producer, screenwriter, and voice artist; he has seemingly done it all. His remarkable ability to flexibly portray different characters in the film has earned him an impressive net worth topping $70 million

Real NameOwen Cunningham Wilson 
ProfessionActor, Producer, Screenwriter, Voice Artist
Owen Wilson Net Worth$70 million USD
Salary (monthly)$0.6 million +
Salary (yearly)$6 million +
Last Updated2023

Owen Wilson Assets

Real Estate Properties: Over the years, Owen has made a smart investment with his net worth by building an incredibly lucrative real estate portfolio. In the Los Angeles area alone, he holds numerous homes including one Malibu beach house and a large two-lot property in Santa Monica that began as an initial purchase of $755K back in 2000. To increase its value even more, Owen bought its neighboring property for 1.6 million dollars to then demolish it and substitute it with lush greenery.

In 2007, Wilson made an impressive purchase of two side-by-side parcels on Maui Island in Hawaii for $5.85 million and followed this up with a 1,980 square feet worth $1.235 million house located in the Westdale neighborhood five years later. In 2014 Owen struck again paying only slightly more than before, shelling out $1.524 million to buy a property situated in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood that comes in just shy of 1,500 square feet.

Car Collection: Owen Wilson has quite a motley collection of vehicles, from sports cars to classic muscle models. His garage includes Lexus’, Mercedes Benz, Range Rovers, and more. Owen loves nothing better than taking his rides out for a spin without any passengers. He made multiple red-carpet appearances whilst driving himself.

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Net Worth Growth of Owen Wilson

Net Worth in 2023$70 million USD
Net Worth in 2022$69 million USD
Net Worth in 2021$67 million USD
Net Worth in 2020$65 million USD
Net Worth in 2019$60 million USD
Net Worth in 2018$58 million USD
Owen Wilson Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor-Producer?

About Owen Wilson

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, on 18 November 1968, Owen Cunningham Wilson is an American of Irish lineage. When he was younger, the actor spent most of his time in Dallas and shared a close-knit bond with his two brothers. At the center of a family with two actors, one older and one younger brother, Owen completed his schooling in Mexico before graduating from Texas.

Owen’s mother dabbled in photography, while his father was a successful advertising executive and director for television broadcasts.

In August 2007, Wilson’s struggles with depression led him to attempt suicide, prompting his hospitalization in both St. John’s Health Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In the days that followed, he withdrew from Tropic Thunder (a production co-starring his friend Ben Stiller) and was replaced by Matthew McConaughey; while this event garnered unwanted publicity for Wilson and generated much media speculation. After a fourteen-year silence, Wilson spoke up about his suicide attempt in an Esquire article published in 2021. In the said piece, he revealed how encouraging Andrew, his elder brother, had been while recuperating from the ordeal.

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Personal Life of Owen Wilson

In 2011, Wilson and his then-partner Jade Duell welcomed their son into the world. Unfortunately, the couple separated later that year. Subsequently, in 2014, Caroline Lindqvist gave birth to Wilson’s second child – a baby boy. His family expanded once more with his and Varunie Vongsvirates’ daughter arriving in 2018; although they are no longer together as partners, he still pays monthly child support for her out of care and respect for the child.

Owen Wilson Career

At military school, Owen Wilson formed a lasting connection with another student who furthered his career by introducing him to Wes Anderson. As a result of this bond, he starred in Bottle Rocket which sadly was not successful right away but soon became renowned amongst cult followers. His association with Anderson further escalated as he performed in Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums shortly after that.

Ben Stiller’s casting of Owen Wilson in The Cable Guy served as a catalyst for his successful acting career. Following this breakthrough, he took on additional roles in Armageddon, Anaconda, Permanent Midnight, The Minus Man, and The Haunting; all of which established him not only as an able comedian but also as a noteworthy dramatic actor.

In 2000, Wilson’s career skyrocketed with a star-studded lead role alongside Jackie Chan in the Western Shanghai Noon. The film earned impressive reviews and $100 million at the box office on an approximate budget of $55 million. This was only amplified when he appeared as a main character in 2001’s Zoolander, which made over $60 million worldwide. After successfully taking part in this comedy classic, Wilson transitioned to action by appearing in Behind Enemy Lines; despite negative critiques, it still managed to bring home an astonishing total of more than $92 million.

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