Shane Gillis Net Worth: How Much Has He Made From Comedy?

Shane Gillis Net Worth: How Much Has He Made From Comedy?
Source: @shanemgillis / Instagram

Shane Gillis, a renowned comedian from the United States, often makes headlines for his career and wealth. The article focuses on Shane Gillis’s net worth and his several investments contributing to it. It also covers the comedian’s personal life and the lesser-known facts worth mentioning.

Shane Gillis is an American stand-up comedian who is known for co-hosting Matt and Shane’s Secret podcast which is known as the most subscribed podcast on Patreon. In 2019, Shane made his acting debut on NBC’s sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live; however, it turned out to be the comedian’s biggest controversy. Besides his comical stint, Gillis often makes headlines for his amassed wealth through comedy shows. This article includes Shane Gillis net worth and the several factors that contribute to it. 

Who is Shane Gillis?

Shane Gillis Net Worth: How Much Has He Made From Comedy?
Source: @shanemgillis / Instagram

Shane Gillis was born on December 11, 1987 (age 37 years; as of 2024) in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Shane’s parents, Joan Gillis and Philip Gillis were of Irish Catholic descent. He has two sisters, Kait Gillis and Sarah Gillis.

A sports enthusiast since childhood, Shane Gillis played for the football team during his schooling at Trinity High School, in Pennsylvania, United States. Following his graduation, he attended West Point; however, dropped out in the initial year. He later enrolled himself at Elon University where he used to play for a football team; however, he left the institution and finally graduated from West Chester University.

What is the net worth of Shane Gillis?

As of 2024, Shane Gillis has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. While comical shows majorly contribute to his staggering net worth, some of the other influences have a significant contribution to them.

Name Shane Gillis
Full Name Shane Michael Gillis
Net Worth (As of 2024)$2 Million 
Monthly Income$40,000, Approximately

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Factors Contributing to the Net Worth of Shane Gillis

Comic Fees

Shane Gillis, who ventured as a stand-up comedian when he was 24, has participated and hosted in several prominent events including his regular performances in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. A Celebrity hiring team website claims that Gillis charges $40,000-$74,999 for his guest appearances at events. Meanwhile, a media source claims that tickets for attending Shane Gillis’ show were charged $210; the tickets were for a comedy tour and its shows were lined up in Chicago, Portland, Denver, and NYC.

Car Collection

Shane Gillis Net Worth: How Much Has He Made From Comedy?
Source: @shanemgillis / Instagram

While the comedian has a vast collection of vehicles, only a few of them are featured on the internet. One of them is the Toyota GR Supra, which is priced at $47,250; Gillis posted the car on his social media in March 2024. Additionally, the comedian owns a Tesla Model S which is worth $90,000.

Real Estate

According to a source, Shane Gillis has two exquisite properties, a house in Los Angeles and a vacation home in Florida. The house in Los Angeles is worth $1.5 million and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

A Private Yacht

Counting among the few comedians to own a yacht, Shane Gillis owns a Sea Ray Sundancer. Bought in 2022 for $250,000, the boat has a current worth of $225,000 in 2024.


Not only real estate, Shane Gillis’ investments significantly contribute to his net worth. A media source suggests that Gillis has invested in various companies including Apple, Amazon, and Google.

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Initiated in 2012, Shane Gillis’ has a multifaceted career, wherein he excels as a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor.

Stand-Up Comedy

While Gillis pursued teaching following his graduation, he later switched to his passion, stand-up comedy. He debuted when he was 24 and made appearances across several comedy clubs in Pennsylvania. On March 8, 2024, Shane ventured on a world comedy tour which was set to organise in Chicago, Portland, and NYC among others.


In 2016, Gillis made his podcaster debut with “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast”; he co-hosted the podcast with the stand-up comedian, Matt McCusker. While the podcast discusses varied topics, it later became the most subscribed podcast on Patreon.


In 2019, Shane Gillis’ made his acting debut with the NBC Sketch Comedy Series, Saturday Night Live. However, he was fired five days later owing to his derogatory racial slurs. Besides, he has worked for several television shows including Delco Proper (2016), Gilly and Keeves (2020), and Saturday Night Live (2024).

Personal Life 

Shane Gillis Net Worth: How Much Has He Made From Comedy?
Source: @shanemgillis / Instagram

In an interview in 2022, Shane Gillis revealed that he is in a “live-in relationship” with his girlfriend. However, the comedian remained tight-lipped about his girlfriend’s identity.

Additionally, Shane was rumoured to be dating Claire and Shih Ryan; however, none of his alleged relationships were confirmed.

Do You Know These Lesser Known Facts About Shane Gillis?

  • In an interview with The New York Times, Shane Gillis shared about a show that she hosts every Monday in Brooklyn. He added that he co-hosts the show with two of his friends. He said,

I host a show every Monday in Brooklyn with two of my friends. Our producer makes sure the lineup isn’t just straight white people, and that makes the show a lot better than most of the ones I’ve been part of for the past 14 years. I don’t mean that any one type of person is funnier or more insightful than another. What I mean is that when just one voice is heard, that voice quickly becomes boring.

  • In an article, an esteemed media page, The Guardian mentioned Shane Gillis as a “controversial comedian.”
  • A statement from Shane Gillis in an interview with the NYT read,

Comedy, like so many of our cultural institutions, remains dominated by men, usually straight and white men. I’ve seen countless versions of Shane Gillis and his material truly spread all over the world, and I’m not about to wrestle the mic from them.

  • In 2019, Shane Gillis attracted controversy after footage of him went viral on the internet. It was a short clip from his podcast “Saturday Night Live” wherein he called Chinese people a “racial slur”.” The racial report was added when a media page, Variety, reported about Gillis’s anti-gay comments and his racial comments for the Muslim section.

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