Team Fortress: Source 2 has Officially Ended Following a DMCA from Valve

Team Fortress: Source 2 has Officially Ended Following a DMCA from Valve

The team behind Team Fortress: Source 2, Amper Software, announced that they are shutting down the development of fan projects as the Valve Corporation has sent a “cease and desist.” Team Fortress: Source 2 was started by the fans of Valve’s multiplayer first-person shooter game, Team Fortress 2. Amper Software started in 2021 when more than 20 developers chose to modify the game. Over the last three years, they worked to modify the 17-year-old game for the Source 2 engine, hoping to rejuvenate the number of players.

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They were able to accomplish the mission for some time, as they received compliments on social media for the updated version. The developers’ team had stopped working on the project in September but were keen on resuming it, but the DMCA, or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, has permanently stopped any development. It was announced by Amper Software on X and the discord server of Team Fortress Source 2 that Team Fortress: Source 2 has officially ended. Valve’s DMCA requested the shutdown of the whole GitHub repository. Notably, the Nintendo 64 version of Portal, called Portal 64, was also declared dead after the “First Slice” was released.

The official X account of Team Fortress: Source 2, with the username @TeamFortressS2, posted, “While we were discussing the project’s future internally recently, we already came to the conclusion to stop the development of the project due to the current state of the code being unusable anymore with s&box’s recent major engine changes, and that we overall moved on from it.” The X thread also read, “Sadly, this means this DMCA takedown is the nail in the coffin. We cannot bring it back, and we’ve hit Valve’s attention. It seems like they definitely don’t want us to use their IP, (which is totally fair and legal from them). From the bottom of our hearts at Amper, it’s been an honor to grow this project with all of you and the incredible team behind it. We cannot be thankful enough for all your support and enthusiasm over the last 3 years. We’re so happy we got this far.”

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