Understanding The Different Types Of Car Accidents

Understanding The Different Types Of Car Accidents
Understanding The Different Types Of Car Accidents

Car accidents have become more prevalent nowadays. Whether you’re in traffic, a parking lot, or on a roadside, you can encounter an accident at any time. It’s therefore important to always exercise caution while driving. Here’s a sampling of the Top Causes of Motor Vehicle Collisions.

Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle rollover crashes are generally complex and violent. They reflect the driver’s interaction with the driver, vehicle, and road. Other contributing factors include location, speed, as well as, alcohol consumption.  Research shows that nearly 85 percent of all rollover-related deaths result from single-vehicle crashes.

Single Car Crashes

These types of road accidents typically occur when only one vehicle is involved. In most cases, single car accidents are run-off-road collisions, collisions with animals, rollovers, or collisions with fallen debris.

Head-On Collision

Head-on collision-based accidents involves two tracks. In most cases, they collide from opposite directions.  They’re often fatal, so always be very careful when driving. Beware of traffic signs plus street conditions and always stay in your lane. This will go a long way in helping you avoid these types of accidents.

Rear-End Collision

This refers to an accident where a vehicle crashes into another vehicle that’s in front of it. They commonly occur due to the driver’s inattention, panic stops, and tailgating. They could result from reduced traction caused by irregular road conditions.

Multiple Car Collision

A multiple collision typically when three or more vehicles are involved in an accident. These pileups can range from nominal to massive, resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities.

Side-Impact Accidents

These accidents are also referred to as T-bone or broadside collisions. And they usually occur when the side of one or more cars is impacted. Side-impact collisions are more prevalent at intersections and parking lots. The results from these crashes can be severe but can vary depending on the side where the vehicle is struck.

What to Do After A Road Accident

If you get involved in an accident, call 9-1-1 immediately. You may also want to consider notifying your doctor in order to expedite paramedics. Don’t leave the accident scene. Stay in place unless the injuries were minor. Then take the investigating officer’s card and avoid discussing responsibility with anyone. If possible, take photos and videos of the accident scene. This will help you build a stronger case later on when you’ll be filing your claim.

Hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer is also very important. Remember, filing an accident claim can sometimes get complicated. Plus, an experienced attorney has got what it takes to help you get maximum compensation for your damages.

The Bottom-Line

Getting involved in a car accident can be extremely devastating. In fact, it can have long-lasting impacts on your health. Plus, it can push you into financial distress. Vehicle rollovers, single car accidents, head-on collision, side-impact collision, and multiple vehicle collisions are some of the most common types of car accidents. They’re all dangerous and can cause severe injuries or even death. So, while on the road, always exercise caution.

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