Who is Aaron Kendrick De Niro? Everything About Robert De Niro’s Son

Who is Aaron Kendrick de Niro? Know About Robert De Niro's son

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s father is well-known actor and film producer Robert De Niro. His birth took place on October 20, 1995. Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith are his parents. His identical twin was produced through the process of in vitro fertilization and then delivered via surrogate.

Toukie, his mother, is a professional actress and a former model. Despite never being married, she dated Robert for an aggregate of 8 years, from 1988 to 1996. He has several stepbrothers and stepsisters from his father, who had several relationships. Helen De Niros, Elliot, and Raphael are a few of them.

According to Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s bio, he is an entirely private young man in his 20s, which may be why he has yet to reveal his line of employment to the general public. However, the fact that both of his parents were well-known Hollywood figures contributed to his popularity with viewers.

His father was an Oscar-winning actor who is most known for his roles in the movies Silver Linings Playbook (2012), Taxi Driver (1976), Bang the Drum Slowly (1973), Cape Fear (1991), and many other movies. He has received numerous notable awards, including a pair of Academy Awards, the Golden Globe, a Cecil B. DeMille Award for Excellence, and many others.

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Aaron Kendrick de Niro’s Net Worth

Aaron Kendrick De Niro has made a name for himself in the acting industry and has an impressive net worth of $1.5 million. But according to the net worth of prominent individuals, Robert De Niro, his father, is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors and has a reputed net worth of three hundred million dollars. Robert received close to $12–$15 million for each movie.

Kendrick spent $39.9 million in May 2015 to buy a huge mansion. This spectacular duplex has four bathrooms, five bedrooms, and outdoor patios overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River. The star also rented a condo on the 35th floor for $125,000 monthly.

Aaron Kendrick’s Private Life

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s bio describes Aaron’s conception as taking place through in vitro fertilization, and he was born via surrogate. Without getting married, his parents cohabited for six years. He is one of these well-known children who were protected from the press. Aaron Kendrick De Niro always kept his personal life a secret, never revealing anything about it. He might be accessible right now. He is the nephew of the late American fashion artist Willi Smith.

Aaron’s height is 5 feet and 9 inches, and his weight is about 65 kg. He has dark brown hair and eyes. He is not on social media, having no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles. Few images of Aaron are available online, and those that are are of him growing up with his family.

Extended family and siblings

Drena, Elliot, Raphael, Julian Henry, and Helen Grace are the other five siblings in Aaron’s family. Because of these family connections, he has a solid network of allies and skilled people.

Also included in Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s wider circle of relatives are Virginia Admiral and Robert De Niro Sr. The Smith family has a long tradition in the arts, and Willi and Norman Smith, Aaron’s uncles, have also had success in the field.

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Childhood and Schooling

According to Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s biography, he was exposed to the performing arts at a young age because his family was artistically inclined. The accomplishments and commitment of his parents were probably a factor in his upbringing. Even though there are few specifics about Aaron’s schooling, it is plausible to conclude that he had an extensive education that supported his creative development and growth.


Aaron Kendrick De Niro has advanced in his career, even though it hasn’t received much public attention. Although it can be challenging to forge a remarkable career when both of your parents are well-known figures in the film business, Aaron has shown a desire to follow his passions. Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s bio explains that he might have pursued a variety of artistic endeavors while navigating the field by drawing on his family’s ties and experiences.

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