Will EA Sports FC 24 Be Available on EA Play?

Will EA Sports FC 24 Be Available on EA Play?
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EA Sports FC 24 is set to release globally on September 29, 2023, across various consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. As with previous editions, EA Sports will offer two different editions – Standard and Ultimate. However, fans are wondering whether the game will be available on the subscription service from EA called EA Play. 

EA Play has been widely accepted for its affordable monthly rates combined with access to a range of video games. It lets users access a game for a limited period of time without purchasing it. The subscription program has games like NFS Unbound in its catalog.

Sadly, EA Sports FC 24 will not be available on the basic EA Play subscription. The game will be available on EA Play Pro from the date of its release. EA Play Pro is the premium version of the subscription service and it offers more accessibility and value for a higher fee. 

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Typically, new games are added to the pro tier on their release day, and EA Sports FC 24 will follow the same pattern. In fact, EA Play Pro subscribers can access the game from September 22, during the early access period. They will also gain access to the items that come with the Unlimited version of the game. 

EA is pretty generous about adding titles to the base version of EA Play. While there hasn’t been an official word, going by the pattern, we can speculate that EA will eventually add FC 24 to the basic catalog just like it added Fifa 23.

Nonetheless, the EA Play Pro adds a lot of value for the extra $10 per month. EA Play costs $4.99 a month while the Pro version costs $14.99. Users can save quite a bit of money by making annual payments of $99.99. 

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