Chainsaw Man: 7 Secrets Every Manga Reader Knows About Makima

Chainsaw Man: 7 Secrets Every Manga Reader Knows About Makima

The distinction between manga readers and anime-only viewers has been contentious for years. Naturally, each camp is convinced that its way of experiencing the content is superior to the others. But one perk that manga fans can always claim? They get to witness events first before those who only watch anime adaptations.

The Chainsaw Man anime enticed viewers with its thrilling main cast. It included Makima — a public safety devil hunter and Denji’s object of infatuation. But that is only scratching the surface. There is far more to this character than meets the eye, so much so that it will leave even die-hard anime fans in awe.

Let’s take a look at the seven things that only manga readers are aware of regarding Makima.

7. Power Gets Killed by Makima

One of the most disturbing scenes in the series is when Makima viciously kills Power. In Chapter 81, Denji was outside to receive a birthday cake from Power. When Makima asked him to open the door, he thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t. Instead, as soon as Denji opened the door, Makima used her psychic gun and fired at Power’s torso until there were no more remains left of her.

6. Makima Is an Ex-Member of The Four Horsemen

Makima exposes her connection with the Four Horsemen. A formidable group of powerful devils. The members are as follows: Death Devil, War Devil, Control Devil, and Hunger Devil. Using this membership status grants Makima unique privileges. She remembers each devil who was devoured by Chainsaw Man.

Even though the Four Horsemen are a unified force, their individual motives differ greatly. Makima desires to use Pochita’s power as a weapon against her allies. On the other hand, War Devil requires Pochita to vomit Nuclear Weapon Devil in order to resurrect him.

5. Makima Is The Control Devil

Fans of the Makima chainsaw man have seen her as the Control Devil. Her yellow eyes with red rings that look like mesmerizing spirals are a prominent reminder. As an omnipotent being, she can subdue all living things, from animals to devils, into submission. The story demonstrates this by showing how easily she commands mice for reconnaissance missions on targeted individuals.

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4. Makima Possesses an Illustration of Paradise Lost 

As Makima guides Denji to the exit before killing Power, the readers find themselves in a panel where one of Gustave Doré’s Illustrations of Lost Paradise is featured. It illustrates Lucifer’s fall from grace.

3. Makima does Not Like Denji

It may not be spelled out explicitly, yet Makima’s admiration for Pochita is apparent. Pochita is one of the most potent devils ever to exist. On the contrary, she considers Denji unworthy of being joined with Chainsaw Man. She rather views him as a means towards an objective; this is what prompts her to act kindly towards him.

Chainsaw Man: 7 Secrets Every Manga Reader Knows About Makima

2. Makima is Immortal

As the Control Devil since time immemorial, Makima possesses a god-like quality of immortality. She is indestructible and can quickly repair any damage inflicted upon her. Not even people or devils can effectively harm her as she appears to remain unfazed when attacked. Such an incredible level of physical resilience adds to her mythical aura and embodies why she is seen as an all-powerful being.

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1. Makima is the Antagonist

It may come as a shock to those who have yet to encounter the manga. Makima is one of Chainsaw Man’s primary villains. She serves as the major antagonist during both Control Devil Arc and Gun Devil Arc — crucial points in Part 1 of Public Safety Saga where her true identity comes into play.

In Chapter 75 of the manga, it becomes evident that Makima is, in fact, the dreaded Control Devil feared for centuries by humans. Various countries, including America, attempted to escape her tyranny to thwart her plan of establishing a worst form of global harmony. Denji was taken under Makima’s wing and given an improved life situation. But, this changed with chapter 84 when it was discovered she only intended on using him as a tool toward achieving her aim of banishing every devil from existence. This discovery revealed that there had not been truth in Denji’s conception of Makima as being kind-hearted.


Who is Makima?

Makima is a prime character in Chainsaw Man which is a horrific yet humorous manga series created and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Why did Makima kill Power?

As Makima was the Control Devil, she had to take away Power in order to manage the Chainsaw Devil. Since Pochita had already made a deal with Denji for him to have an ordinary life, it needed to be voided first. To do this, Makima took away any possibility of normality from Denji’s future.

How did Makima die?

After the Gun Devil brutally shot a bullet through her head, she was far from defeated. In fact, it was reported that death had already claimed her life on twenty-six separate occasions prior to this attack. Alas, Pochita would later deliver several more fatal blows during their showdown.

What anime is Makima from?

Makima is from the anime ‘Chainsaw Man Part 1: Public Safety’.

What devil is Makima?

Makima is the Control Devil

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